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Who is a playlist curator?

playlist curator is an individual responsible for selecting and organizing music tracks into playlists based on specific themes, genres, or moods. They carefully craft playlists that flow seamlessly and engage listeners.

The Role of a Playlist Curator:

  • Creating Engaging Playlists: Playlist curators design playlists that resonate with a target audience, ensuring a pleasant listening experience.

  • Promoting Music: Curators showcase emerging artists and help them gain exposure by featuring their songs in their playlists.

  • Maintaining Playlist Quality: They regularly update playlists to keep content fresh and engaging for listeners.

  • Engaging with the Community: Curators interact with followers, gather feedback, and adjust playlists based on audience preferences.

Qualities of a Successful Playlist Curator:

  • Music Knowledge: In-depth understanding of various music genres and the ability to identify potential hits.

  • Creativity: Crafting unique and appealing playlists that capture listeners’ interest.

  • Consistency: Regularly updating playlists and maintaining a strong online presence.

  • Networking Skills: Building relationships with artists, music labels, and fellow curators to expand reach.

How to Become a Playlist Curator on Spotify:

To become a curator on Spotify and earn money, aspiring curators can:

  • Create Unique Playlists: Develop playlists with a niche focus or unique thematic elements to attract followers.

  • Build a Following: Grow a substantial follower base to qualify for playlist curator programs like Playlist Push.

  • Utilize Platforms: Use platforms like MySphera to promote playlists and increase visibility.

For more insights on becoming a successful playlist curator, check out Playlist Push and MySphera!

Pros of Being a Playlist Curator Cons of Being a Playlist Curator
Opportunity to promote new artists Time-consuming to maintain playlists
Potential to earn money Pressure to consistently deliver fresh content
Networking with music industry professionals Competition in standing out among other curators

As a playlist curator, the key is to curate playlists that resonate with your audience, stay updated with music trends, and continually engage with your followers.

earn money spotify playlist - What does a playlist curator do? - earn money spotify playlist

What does a playlist curator do?

  • Research and discover new music

    • Playlist curators scour various sources like music blogs, social media, and even music submission platforms such as SubmitHub to unearth fresh and trending tracks that would appeal to their target audience.
    • By analyzing user data like search history and listening habits, curators gain insights into what their followers want, ensuring the playlists stay engaging and dynamic.
    • Utilizing Spotify’s algorithm, curators enhance playlist curation, optimizing the mix of music genres and artists to cater to diverse tastes.
    • External Link: To find new music, independent curators recommend using strategies highlighted in this guide.
  • Create and organize playlists

    • Curators gather the selected tracks, carefully arranging them into playlists with themes like workout, relaxation, or party, enhancing engagement and retention.
    • They pay attention to the flow and coherence of the playlist, ensuring a smooth transition from one track to the next, creating a fulfilling listening experience.
    • Categorizing playlists based on music relevance and mood helps in targeting specific audience segments and boosting playlist visibility and attractiveness.
    • Tailoring playlists to current events or holidays keeps the content relevant and timely, attracting more listeners.
    • External Link: To improve playlist creation and management, tools like Playlist Genius AI can assist in suggesting songs based on descriptions.
  • Share playlists with followers

    • Curators leverage social media platforms and email newsletters to promote their playlists, engaging with followers and musicians, fostering a sense of community.
    • They collaborate with artists and fellow playlist creators, cross-promoting each other’s work to expand reach and followership.
    • Engaging with playlist subscribers through comments and discussions fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging increased playlist loyalty and interaction.
    • Optimizing playlist descriptions and cover art enhances playlist visibility and attractiveness, attracting more followers and driving additional revenue.
    • External Link: For tips on connecting with Spotify playlist curators and getting your music shared, check out this insightful guide.

How does a playlist curator earn money on Spotify?

To earn money as a playlist curator on Spotify, there are several avenues you can explore:

Getting paid to review songs

One way playlist curators can make money is by getting paid to review songs. Curators are compensated based on factors like the number of listeners and their activity level. The payment per song typically ranges from $1.25 to $15, depending on their Reputation Score.

Promoting song placements

Another source of income for playlist curators is by promoting song placements. Typically, curators with playlists that have organic followers can earn money by featuring and promoting songs from artists or record labels on their playlists. This process involves negotiating fees for featuring specific songs and artists.

Receiving payment from artists or record labels for playlist adds

Playlist curators can also receive direct payments from artists or record labels for adding songs to their playlists. Depending on the popularity and engagement of the curator’s playlist, artists may pay for placement to increase visibility and streams for their tracks.

Pros of Earning as a Playlist Curator Cons of Earning as a Playlist Curator
1. Flexibility in working hours 1. Competition with other curators
2. Opportunity to discover new music 2. Variability in payment
3. Potential for passive income 3. Need to constantly update playlists

Playlist curators on Spotify can generate income through reviewing songs, promoting placements, and receiving payments from artists or labels. It’s a dynamic role that offers opportunities for both music discovery and financial rewards.

earn money spotify playlist - Top-5 Best Spotify Curators to Learn From - earn money spotify playlist

Top-5 Best Spotify Curators to Learn From

  • Indie Shuffle, SubmitHub, Daily Playlists, Musicto, and BIRP! are five of the best Spotify curators to learn from.

  • These platforms offer valuable insights, tips, and opportunities for artists to showcase their music and connect with a wider audience.

  • By engaging with these top Spotify curators, musicians can enhance their playlist curation strategies, optimize their music for better visibility, and potentially earn money through playlist placements.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a renowned music blog and Spotify curator site that specifically supports independent and emerging artists from various genres. Their playlists are meticulously curated, offering exposure to hidden gems in the music industry. By submitting your music to Indie Shuffle, you can tap into a diverse audience and potentially increase your Spotify followers.


SubmitHub acts as a bridge between musicians and top Spotify playlist curators. With an easy submission process and direct access to influential Spotify playlist creators, SubmitHub provides a unique opportunity to boost your music exposure. Successfully landing your tracks on SubmitHub playlists can significantly enhance your chances to earn money from your Spotify playlist.

Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists stands out as a reliable Spotify curator platform that offers valuable insights and tips to help artists navigate the music industry. Submitting your tracks to Daily Playlists allows you to connect with a community of music enthusiasts and potentially reach a wider audience. Engaging with Daily Playlists can help you understand the intricate dynamics of Spotify playlist curation and how to optimize your music for better visibility.


Musicto is a dedicated music platform that focuses on helping artists navigate the Spotify landscape effectively. By submitting your music to Musicto, you can gain insights into playlist curation strategies and connect with like-minded individuals in the music industry. Leveraging Musicto’s expertise can significantly enhance your chances of getting noticed on Spotify and earning money through playlist placements.


BIRP! is a distinguished Spotify curator known for its diverse playlists that cater to various music tastes. Collaborating with BIRP! can provide artists with a platform to showcase their talents and reach a broader audience. By engaging with BIRP!, you can tap into a network of music aficionados and potentially monetize your Spotify playlists through increased exposure and fan engagement.

earn money spotify playlist - Becoming a Playlist Curator to Earn Money by Listening Money on Spotify - earn money spotify playlist

Becoming a Playlist Curator to Earn Money by Listening Money on Spotify

To become a successful playlist curator on Spotify and earn money, you must focus on building a following and actively engaging with listeners. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, fostering a sense of community, and collaborating with artists and labels for paid promotions. Utilize third-party services like SubmitHub for song submissions to diversify your content sources and increase your playlist’s appeal, ultimately leading to monetization opportunities.

Build a following and engage with listeners

To become a successful playlist curator on Spotify and earn money, you must first focus on building a strong following and actively engaging with listeners. One effective way is by engaging with their playlists and continuously curating content that resonates with your audience.

By creating a sense of community around your playlist, you can foster a loyal fan base that keeps coming back for more. Utilize platforms like SubmitHub to connect with potential listeners and gather feedback to tailor your playlist to their preferences effectively.


  • Engage with listeners by responding to comments and answering questions promptly.

  • Foster a sense of community by curating content that encourages interaction and connection.

Collaborate with artists and labels for paid promotions

Collaborating with artists and labels for paid promotions is a crucial step in monetizing your playlists on Spotify. By partnering with musicians and industry professionals, you can enhance the visibility of your playlist and attract a wider audience.

Platforms like The Alliance offer curated playlist marketing services in exchange for funding, enabling you to reach new listeners and further monetize your curation efforts. Additionally, engaging in paid promotions helps build relationships within the music industry and opens up opportunities for future collaborations.

Another example:

  • Utilize services like Spotify for Artists to submit new music for playlisting and enhance your playlist’s exposure.

Utilize third-party services for song submissions

Utilizing third-party services for song submissions is a strategic approach to expanding your playlist curator career on Spotify. Platforms like SubmitHub provide a seamless way to connect with artists and labels, giving you access to a wide range of music genres and styles to enhance your playlists.

By diversifying your content sources through third-party services, you can keep your playlist fresh, engaging, and appealing to a broader audience. This approach not only helps in discovering new talent but also increases the monetization potential of your playlists through collaborative efforts with aspiring musicians and industry professionals.


  • Explore services like Paid Playlist Pitching to gain insights into effective strategies for playlist promotion and monetization opportunities.

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Do Spotify curators earn money?

Spotify curators have the opportunity to monetize their passion for music through these activities and turn it into a successful side hustle or even a full-time career.

Yes, through various channels such as song reviews, placements, and promotions.

Are you wondering if Spotify curators can make money? Well, let me tell you, earning money as a playlist curator on Spotify is very much possible. How do they manage to do it, you may ask? One common way is by reviewing submissions from artists and record labels.

Have you heard of services like SubmitHub and PlaylistPush? Spotify curators can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $12 per song reviewed through these platforms. Imagine getting paid for listening to music – a dream job for many music enthusiasts out there.

Now, let’s talk about promotions. As a curator, you have the power to place songs strategically within your playlists. Artists and labels are willing to pay good money for this kind of exposure. In fact, some creators receive $50 or more per song directly from the artists or labels for playlist placements.

Moreover, at platforms like SoundCampaign, playlist curators have the opportunity to earn money through a tiered system. Depending on the level, curators can get paid varying amounts, starting from $1 per reviewed song to higher rates for advanced levels. It’s like a reward system for their hard work and dedication.

In the music industry, especially on platforms like Spotify, monetization is key for curators to keep creating and promoting content. By engaging in activities like submission reviews, sales, and promotions, these curators can turn their passion for music into a lucrative side hustle or even a full-time gig.

To sum it up, Spotify curators can indeed earn money through a variety of channels, whether it’s reviewing new songs, securing placements, or engaging in promotional activities. It’s a win-win situation where both the curators and the artists benefit from each other’s talents and efforts.

If you want to dive deeper into how playlist curators make money on Spotify, feel free to check out this article on how to make money on Spotify for more detailed insights into the world of music curation and monetization.

How to find a Spotify playlist curator?

Finding a Spotify playlist curator can be a game-changer for musicians looking to earn money from their Spotify playlists. One effective method is leveraging social media and music forums. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are hotspots for playlist curators. By exploring relevant hashtags or keywords tied to your music genre, you can stumble upon curators who align with your style and reach out to them.

Digging deeper, another fruitful approach is directly contacting curators through Spotify or email. Many playlists on Spotify have links to social media profiles.

By clicking through these links, you may uncover the curator’s contact information, making it easier to establish a connection. Additionally, shooting a well-crafted email showcasing your music and passion can leave a lasting impression on curators.

Utilize social media platforms and music forums

When diving into social media platforms, specifically targeting music-focused communities and forums can be a goldmine. Engaging with discussions, sharing your music journey, and subtly hinting at collaborations can capture the attention of playlist curators.

Remember, curators are always on the lookout for fresh talent, so actively participating in music-related conversations can open doors.

Moreover, music forums like playlists.net can serve as fertile ground for discovering new playlists and their curators. Engaging with the community, commenting on threads, and building relationships can increase your visibility and lead you to the doorstep of potential curators. The key lies in being authentic, showcasing your unique sound, and staying consistent in your interactions.

Reach out to curators directly through Spotify or email

Direct outreach through platforms like Spotify and email requires finesse. When reaching out on Spotify, interacting with the playlist’s content, showing appreciation for the curation, and subtly hinting at your music can grab a curator’s attention.

Similarly, crafting personalized emails that highlight your music style, achievements, and why you’d be a perfect fit for their playlist can significantly boost your chances of collaboration.

Connecting with Spotify playlist curators is a strategic move to earn money and expand your music reach. By leveraging social media, music forums, direct Spotify interactions, and email outreach, you can increase your visibility in the music industry and land coveted spots on influential playlists.

What is needed to become a Spotify playlist curator?

To become a successful Spotify playlist curator and earn money through your playlist curation skills, several key attributes are essential. Firstly, having a genuine passion for music is vital. Your love for music will drive your creativity and ensure that you curate playlists that resonate with your audience. To keep this passion alive, create a practice schedule that works for you and consistently explore new music to stay inspired.

Furthermore, possessing strong organizational skills is crucial. Keeping your playlists well-organized, updated, and tailored to specific themes or moods will attract more listeners. Examples of organizational skills include creating a clean workspace and planning your playlist schedules in advance to ensure consistency and quality.

Additionally, having marketing and promotion knowledge is imperative to grow your playlist following and earn money through Spotify. Embracing effective marketing strategies similar to those implemented by Spotify can significantly boost your playlist’s visibility. Explore successful marketing strategies that have worked for Spotify and adapt them to promote your curated playlists effectively.

Becoming a Spotify playlist curator requires a blend of passion for music, strong organizational skills, and marketing and promotion knowledge to stand out in the competitive music streaming landscape and earn money through your curated playlists.

In the fast-paced world of earning money through Spotify playlists, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and strategies to maximize your potential. Remember, success doesn’t come overnight; it requires dedication and continuous effort.

To ensure your Spotify playlist revenue grows steadily, focus on creating high-quality playlists that resonate with your target audience. Incorporate a mix of popular tracks and hidden gems to keep your listeners engaged.

When it comes to monetizing your Spotify playlists, consider exploring collaborations with artists, brands, and influencers. Leveraging their networks can significantly boost your playlist’s visibility and earnings.

Additionally, promoting your playlists through social media channels and engaging with your listeners can cultivate a loyal fan base that contributes to your revenue stream over time.

Don’t forget the power of data analysis. Monitor the performance of your playlists, track listener behavior, and adapt your content strategy accordingly. This data-driven approach can help you optimize your playlists for maximum profitability.

As you navigate the earnings potential of Spotify playlists, remember that consistency is key. Regularly update your playlists with fresh content, respond to listener feedback, and stay proactive in seeking opportunities for growth.

The journey to earning money through Spotify playlists is both exciting and challenging. By staying informed, being creative, and continuously refining your approach, you can tap into the vast earning potential that this platform offers.

Keep innovating, stay dedicated, and watch your Spotify playlist earnings soar!

How can I earn money as a curator?

Earning money as a curator can be lucrative and rewarding. One of the main ways to monetize your skills is through premium subscriptions where users pay to access exclusive and high-quality curated content. By providing unique and valuable content, you can attract subscribers willing to pay for your expertise.

To further boost your income, collaboration is key. Partnering with other curators and industry professionals can open up new opportunities for revenue generation. Jointly curated playlists or events can attract a larger audience and increase your earning potential.

Accepting song submissions from artists and reviewing each track can be another source of income. Providing feedback and engaging with musicians can lead to paid collaborations and sponsored playlists. You can charge for reviewing tracks or featuring songs on your curated playlists.

Another strategy is to focus on sponsored content or product placements within your curated playlists. Companies often pay to have their music or products featured in popular playlists, offering you a way to monetize your curation skills. By strategically integrating sponsored content, you can earn money while also providing exposure for brands.

Diversifying your revenue streams is essential. Apart from playlist curation, consider offering services such as playlist consulting, music promotion, or event curation. These additional services can attract clients willing to pay for your expertise in various music-related areas.

To maximize your earning potential, leverage social media platforms to promote your curated playlists and reach a wider audience. Engage with your followers, collaborate with influencers, and utilize targeted advertising to drive traffic to your curated content and ultimately boost your income.

When exploring different monetization strategies, keep in mind the importance of consistency and quality in your curation. Building a loyal audience that values your expertise and taste can lead to sustained income through subscriptions, partnerships, and other revenue streams.

Earning money as a curator requires a mix of creativity, collaboration, and business acumen. By leveraging various monetization avenues such as subscriptions, collaborations, sponsored content, and additional services, you can turn your passion for curation into a profitable venture.

Monetization Strategy Description
Premium Subscriptions Offer exclusive content for paying subscribers.
Collaboration Partner with industry professionals and curators.
Sponsored Content Incorporate brand placements for revenue.
Diversify Services Offer additional services like event curation.
Social Media Promotion Utilize social platforms to reach a wider audience.


  • earning money as a playlist curator on Spotify can be a lucrative opportunity for music enthusiasts. By reviewing songs and promoting placements, curators have the potential to generate income while discovering new music and engaging with their audience. However, competition among curators and the need for constant playlist updates are challenges to consider.

  • Flexibility in working hours and the opportunity to discover new music Being a playlist curator on Spotify offers a dynamic role with the possibility of both music discovery and financial rewards.

  • Playlist curators can earn money through various avenues such as reviewing songs, promoting placements, and receiving payments from artists or labels. Despite the challenges of competition and playlist maintenance, the role provides a platform for music enthusiasts to showcase their curation skills while connecting with artists and listeners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you earn money from Spotify playlists?

You can earn money by creating playlists on Spotify and selling placements.

How much can you earn from a Spotify playlist?

Companies usually charge between 500 and 2000 Euros for a placement on a popular playlist.

What is a curator playlist?

A curator is someone who manages a Spotify playlist with a large number of followers.

How does PlaylistPush work?

PlaylistPush allows Spotify users to monetize their playlists by selling placements.

Can you make money from making Spotify playlists?

Yes, you can make money by reviewing songs on Spotify and earning $1 to $14 per song.

Does paying for Spotify playlists work?

Paying for playlist placements may result in your track being featured in unrelated playlists.

How do artists make money on Spotify?

Artists make money on Spotify through royalties paid from Premium subscription fees and ads.

How many listens do you need to make money on Spotify?

1,000 streams on Spotify can earn you around $4.

Can you earn money from Spotify playlists?

Yes, playlist curators can earn money on SoundCampaign based on a level-based system.

How do you get paid by reviewing songs on Spotify?

You can get paid by reviewing songs on Spotify through platforms like SoundCampaign.

How can you make money on Spotify playlists?

You can make money by curating unique playlists that attract listeners.

How does money work in Spotify?

Spotify distributes net revenue from Premium subscription fees and ads to rightsholders.

Can you get paid for playlist likes on Spotify?

Spotify does not directly pay for playlist likes, but curators can earn money through other means.

How much Spotify pays for $1 million streams?

Spotify pays around $3,000 to $4,000 for 1 million streams to rights-holders.

How to get 1,000 streams a day on Spotify?

To get 1,000 streams a day on Spotify, you can trigger the algorithm and create your own playlists.

Can you really make money on PlaylistPush?

PlaylistPush allows you to make money by reviewing songs and discovering new music.

How much does Spotify pay per stream in 2024?

Spotify pays around $3 to $4 in royalties per 1 million streams to rights-holders.

How to earn money from Spotify playlists?

You can earn money from Spotify playlists by creating unique playlists and attracting followers.

Can you make money making playlists on Spotify?

Yes, you can make money by making playlists on Spotify and getting paid for reviewing songs.

How can you get paid with Spotify payouts?

You can get paid through Spotify payouts by monetizing your playlists and earning money per song.