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How to Get Money Fast in Hogwarts Legacy

One effective way to earn gold quickly in Hogwarts Legacy is by farming and selling beasts at Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade, capturing and selling creatures can accumulate a significant amount of gold. Another lucrative method is opening eyeball chests scattered across various locations in the game world, which often contain valuable loot and gold. Additionally, participating in the beast market and strategically selling off unwanted items can help boost your gold reserves efficiently.

Utilizing quick methods to earn gold in the game

In Hogwarts Legacy, earning gold quickly is essential for purchasing items and progressing in the game. One effective method is farming and selling beasts at Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade. By capturing and selling creatures, you can accumulate a substantial amount of gold. Another lucrative tactic is to open eyeball chests scattered across various locations in the game world; these chests often contain valuable loot and gold. Additionally, participating in the beast market can bring in good profits.

Diving deeper into the game, venturing to specific locations like the two Puffskein dens near the Collector’s Cave Floo Flame, situated west of Hogsmeade, can also lead to profitable farming opportunities. Throughout your journey, looting cash and completing quests remains a steady source of income. Furthermore, paying attention to gear collection and strategically selling off items that you no longer need can bolster your gold reserves.

For a twist of entrepreneurship, consider starting your own shop where you can sell goods and services to other players within the game. This can be a fun and rewarding way to generate income while interacting with the community. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for more rewards and negotiate better deals during your quests and interactions to maximize your earnings.

Remember, in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s not just about the magic; it’s also about the money. Whether you’re a skilled beast tamer or a shrewd entrepreneur, these strategies can help you amass wealth quickly and pave your way to success in the wizarding world.

For more in-depth insights on how to earn gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy, you can check out this comprehensive guide on gold farming. Join the ranks of the most prosperous wizards and witches by mastering the art of accumulating gold in the magical universe of Hogwarts Legacy.

Selling Gear for Money in Hogwarts Legacy

To make a profit in Hogwarts Legacy, players can sell unused gear such as facewear, neckwear, and equipment for Galleons. Items of higher rarity (green, blue, and purple) can fetch better prices, with purple gear selling for around 150 Galleons. By staying informed on market trends and selling strategically, players can maximize their earnings and accumulate wealth to enhance their magical capabilities within the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Making profit by selling unused equipment and items

In Hogwarts Legacy, making a fortune solely by attending classes won’t cut it, aspiring wizards must also have a knack for turning their unused gear into a hefty pile of Galleons. Selling off obsolete facewear, useless neckwear, and well-appointed gear can be the key to accumulating a small fortune.

Even extraordinary and legendary gear can be traded if better alternatives are available or if they’re at a lower level, ensuring a steady stream of gold into your wizarding purse.

To maximize your earnings, it’s crucial not to hoard excess gear out of sentimental attachment. Every new clothing and equipment piece can potentially bring in a solid return if handled wisely.

Remember, every item gathering dust in your inventory represents an opportunity to turn it into valuable currency, aiding you in your magical pursuits and adventures throughout the wizarding world.

When determining which items to sell, understanding the rarity and corresponding value is paramount. Items of higher rarity levels – green, blue, and purple gears – tend to fetch significantly better prices compared to common gray items.

So, prioritize selling these valuable pieces to vendors to optimize your profits and build up your wealth swiftly within the enchanting realm of Hogwarts Legacy.

For novices in the art of gear trading, knowing the approximate selling prices based on rarity can provide a strategic advantage. Green gears typically sell for around 60 Galleons, while blue gears command a higher value of roughly 90 Galleons.

The most lucrative sales come from purple gears, which can fetch an impressive sum of approximately 150 Galleons. By leveraging this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions when offloading your surplus equipment for maximum financial gain.

In the bustling markets of the wizarding world, staying abreast of the latest trends and demands can play a crucial role in securing profitable deals. Players are advised to remain vigilant for the best selling opportunities, especially when encountering high-demand items that can bring substantial returns.

Keeping a keen eye on market dynamics and adjusting your selling strategies accordingly will ensure a steady stream of income flows into your wizarding coffers, amplifying your purchasing power and enhancing your magical capabilities.

Remember, the secret to earning big in Hogwarts Legacy lies not only in mastering spells and potions but also in mastering the art of gear trading. By selling off unused equipment and items strategically, you can amass a significant fortune that will pave the way for unparalleled success and prosperity in the enchanted world of Hogwarts.

Here is how much green gear, blue gear, and purple gear sell for:

Gear Rarity Selling Price (Galleons)
Green Gear 60
Blue Gear 90
Purple Gear 150

For more detailed insights on selling gears and equipment in Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore the following resources:

  • Discover items you should sell immediately in Hogwarts Legacy for maximum profits here.

  • How to sell gear effectively in Hogwarts Legacy, featuring details on pricing and rarity levels, can be found here.

  • To understand maximizing your profit by leveraging higher rarity items, visit this site.

Looting Common Chests and Sacks

Looting common chests and sacks in “Hogwarts Legacy” is essential for players looking to earn money and valuable items while exploring the magical world. To maximize your gains, here is a step-by-step guide to looting effectively:

Types of Lootable Containers:

  • Common Chests: These can be found scattered across different locations within the game world.
  • Sacks: Often located in hidden spots or tucked away in corners.

Strategies for Successful Looting:

  • Search Thoroughly: Leave no corner unexplored to ensure you don’t miss any loot opportunities.
  • Prioritize: Focus on opening common chests first, as they often contain better rewards.
  • Use Spells: Some chests may require specific spells to unlock, adding a layer of complexity to looting.

Benefits of Looting Common Chests and Sacks:

  • Earn Money: Discovering coins and valuable items can boost your in-game wealth significantly.
  • Upgrade Equipment: Find powerful gear or enchantments to enhance your character’s abilities.
  • Advance the Story: Some chests may contain clues or story elements essential to progressing in the game.

Tips for Efficient Looting:

  • Create a Looting Route: Map out a systematic approach to ensure you cover all possible loot locations.
  • Check Respawning Chests: Certain chests may respawn periodically, offering a chance for additional loot.

Looting common chests and sacks is an exciting aspect of “Hogwarts Legacy” that not only helps you earn money but also enriches your gameplay experience with unexpected surprises and valuable treasures. Remember, thorough exploration and strategic looting are the keys to success in accumulating wealth and uncovering hidden gems in the magical world of Hogwarts.

Bandit Camps

Bandit camps in Hogwarts Legacy present a thrilling and lucrative way for witches and wizards to test their skills and accumulate wealth.

Confronting challenges in bandit camps for substantial rewards

Bandit camps in the realm of Hogwarts Legacy are not just your ordinary hideouts; they are treasure troves waiting to be conquered. These camps pose challenges that require cunning strategies and skilled combat prowess. To emerge victorious and earn money in Hogwarts Legacy, adventurers must confront these bandit camps head-on.

Strategies for Conquering Bandit Camps

  • Scout the Terrain: Before launching an assault, scout the camp’s layout, identify guard positions, and plan a stealthy approach to gain the upper hand.
  • Choose Your Spells Wisely: Utilize powerful spells like Stupefy or Expelliarmus to disarm opponents and gain a tactical advantage in combat.
  • Engage in Duels: Challenge bandit leaders to one-on-one duels to showcase your magical prowess and win valuable rewards.
  • Leverage Potions: Prepare potions for increased stamina or magical resistance to endure prolonged battles within the camp.
  • Team Up: Collaborate with fellow witches and wizards to coordinate attacks and ensure a successful raid on the bandit camp.

Tips for Maximizing Rewards

  • Loot Everything: Explore every nook and cranny of the camp to find valuable items, artifacts, and gold that can be sold for a hefty profit.
  • Complete Side Quests: Some bandit camps may offer side quests with lucrative rewards upon completion, providing additional opportunities to earn money.
  • Upgrade Equipment: Invest in upgrading your wand, robes, and potions to enhance your combat abilities and increase your chances of success.
  • Sell Loot: Visit merchants in Hogwarts to sell stolen goods and artifacts acquired from bandit camps for a quick infusion of Galleons.
  • Repeat Victories: Return to bandit camps you’ve conquered for potential respawns of enemies and loot, allowing you to earn money through multiple conquests.

Bandit camps in Hogwarts Legacy present formidable challenges but also offer substantial rewards for those daring enough to face them. By employing strategic tactics, leveraging magical abilities, and maximizing looting opportunities, witches and wizards can accumulate wealth and prestige while expanding their influence in the magical world of Hogwarts.

For more detailed insights on conquering bandit camps and maximizing rewards, explore the community discussions on attacking bandit camps and challenges guide for rewards.

Sell Beasts at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade

To sell beasts at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade, players must first capture magical creatures in the Highlands and transport them using the Nab-Sack spell. Once at the marketplace, engage with vendors to negotiate prices and complete transactions to earn Galleons. Selling beasts at the Brood and Peck offers financial rewards, market variety, and opportunities for economic growth in Hogwarts Legacy.

Generating income by selling captured creatures in a specific location

To generate income in Hogwarts Legacy, one lucrative avenue is to sell magical beasts at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade, a bustling marketplace for enchanted creatures. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively earn money by trading these creatures:

Steps to Sell Beasts at Brood and Peck:

  • Capture Magical Beasts: Venture into the Highlands and engage in magical creature hunts to collect rare specimens.

  • Transport Beasts: Utilize the Nab-Sack spell to secure captured beasts and ensure safe transportation.

  • Visit Brood and Peck: Head to the Brood and Peck marketplace in Hogsmeade to reach potential buyers.

  • Selling Process: Interact with vendors and negotiate prices for your magical creatures. Prices may vary based on rarity and demand.

  • Galleon Transactions: Complete the sales to earn Galleons, the currency of the wizarding world, and accumulate wealth.

Benefits of Selling Beasts:

  • Financial Rewards: Selling magical beasts can bring substantial financial rewards, enabling players to purchase equipment and enhance gameplay.

  • Market Variety: The Brood and Peck market offers a diverse range of buyers interested in different magical creatures.

  • Economic Growth: By continually trading beasts, players can establish a steady stream of income within the game.

Selling beasts at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade presents an engaging and profitable opportunity for players in Hogwarts Legacy to earn money and engage in the thrilling world of magical creature commerce.


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Open Up Your Own Shop

To establish a business and earn money in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to follow a strategic approach. Firstly, define the products or services your shop will offer within the magical world. Consider items like wands, spellbooks, magical creatures, or even quirky potion ingredients.

Next, create an engaging shop environment that resonates with the Harry Potter theme. Design your shop with a touch of magic, using mystical decor and enchanting displays to attract players in the game.

Develop unique selling points for your shop to stand out in the competitive Hogwarts universe. Offer exclusive magical items, limited edition collectibles, or personalized enchantments.

Set up a pricing strategy that aligns with the in-game economy but also ensures profitability. Consider discounts for loyal customers or special promotions during magical events or holidays.

Promote your shop effectively within the game. Use in-game messaging, virtual posters, or collaborate with other players to spread the word about your magical offerings.

Implement customer service measures like quick response times, hassle-free returns, and personalized interactions to build a loyal customer base within Hogwarts Legacy.

Engage in market research within the game to understand player preferences, demands, and trends. Adjust your shop offerings based on evolving magical needs.

Diversify your product range over time with new magical artifacts, unique spells, or mystical experiences to keep your customers intrigued and drive more sales.

Measure your shop’s performance by tracking sales, customer feedback, and overall player engagement. Use these insights to continuously improve your shop’s offerings and adapt to the dynamic Hogwarts Legacy market.

Steps to Open Your Shop in Hogwarts Legacy
1. Define products or services
2. Design magical shop environment
3. Create unique selling points
4. Set pricing strategy
5. Promote shop within the game
6. Implement top-notch customer service
7. Conduct in-game market research
8. Diversify product range
9. Monitor and improve shop performance

Extra Side Quest Payment

Players in Hogwarts Legacy can earn extra monetary rewards by taking on side quests that offer diverse gameplay experiences and additional opportunities to explore the game world. These optional missions can provide valuable in-game currency, unique items, spells, or special abilities, enhancing the overall gaming experience. By strategically selecting quests with significant monetary rewards or rare items, players can accumulate wealth faster and progress more effectively within the game.

Do side quests in Hogwarts Legacy offer monetary rewards? Yes, side quests in Hogwarts Legacy offer monetary rewards that players can earn by completing optional missions in the game.

Can players accumulate wealth faster by focusing on quests with significant monetary rewards? Yes, players can accumulate wealth faster by focusing on quests that offer substantial monetary rewards or rare items that can enhance their character’s skills and capabilities within the game.

Taking on additional quests for extra monetary rewards

When considering side quests in the context of earning money in Hogwarts Legacy, players can delve into optional missions that offer not only diverse gameplay experiences but also the chance to earn additional monetary rewards. These quests, while not directly tied to the main storyline, provide an avenue for players to explore the immersive world of Hogwarts more extensively and gain valuable in-game currency.

In some instances, side quests can be highly rewarding, offering unique items, spells, or even special abilities that can significantly enhance the player’s overall experience. By completing these extra missions, players have the opportunity to amass wealth and resources that can be used to advance their character’s skills and capabilities within the game.

To maximize the benefits of these additional quests, players should strategically select tasks that align with their gameplay style and objectives. Choosing side quests that not only offer monetary rewards but also provide valuable items or knowledge can be crucial in ensuring a well-rounded and successful gaming experience.

One effective approach to earning money in Hogwarts Legacy through side quests is to prioritize tasks that offer substantial monetary rewards or rare items. By focusing on quests that provide significant in-game wealth, players can accumulate resources faster and progress more effortlessly within the game.

Another point to consider is the repetition of certain side quests that may yield consistent monetary rewards. Identifying and engaging in quests that can be repeated or have multiple stages leading to increased payouts can be a strategic way for players to continuously earn money and advance their gameplay.

Moreover, participating in dynamic and engaging quests that involve various challenges and puzzles can not only be entertaining but also lucrative. These quests often offer unique opportunities to acquire substantial rewards that go beyond mere monetary gains, adding an element of excitement and adventure to the gameplay.

Players must also be aware of the balance between completing main story missions and engaging in side quests. While side quests can offer lucrative rewards, getting too engrossed in these additional tasks may divert attention from the main storyline and impact the overall progression of the game.

Taking on extra side quests in Hogwarts Legacy can be a rewarding endeavor for players seeking to earn money and enhance their gaming experience. By strategically selecting quests, prioritizing rewards, and maintaining a balance between main missions and side tasks, players can maximize their monetary gains and fully immerse themselves in the magical world of Hogwarts.

Quest Name Reward Type
Potion Master’s Task 300 Galleons, Rare Ingredient Potions Quest
Magical Creatures Hunt 500 Galleons, Unique Pet Creatures Hunt
Dueling Tournament 700 Galleons, Legendary Wand Dueling Quest

Loot Eye Monster Chests for Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Targeting specific chests for valuable rewards

In the mystical world of Hogwarts Legacy, eye monster chests hold the key to earning money and valuable rewards. These chests, with their watchful eyes, are scattered throughout the hidden corners of Hogwarts Castle and the outskirts of the land.

Types of Eye Monster Chests

  • Legendary Chests: These rare eye chests are filled with exclusive artifacts, ancient spells, and gold Galleons waiting to be claimed by bold adventurers.

  • Collection Chests: Known for containing unique gear to aid in your magical journey, these eyes chests offer valuable items vital for your progression.

Opening Techniques

To unlock the mysteries within these chests, players must approach cautiously. The chests’ eyes will follow your movements, detecting your presence. Only when the eye is keenly watching can you attempt to open it for the coveted rewards.

Faction Quests and Eye Chests

Completing faction quests in Hogwarts Legacy often reveals the whereabouts of hidden eye chests, guiding you to secret locations where treasures await. These quests offer additional incentives, such as rare ingredients and magical artifacts.

Rewards and Earnings

Each eye chest holds the promise of wealth and advancement. Upon successfully opening an eye monster chest, you are bestowed with a substantial reward, often amounting to 500 gold Galleons. This influx of wealth can fund your magical pursuits, procure essential supplies, and unlock new opportunities.

Interactive Mechanics

Interacting with eye monster chests involves a blend of wit, patience, and strategy. Players must decipher clues, navigate obstacles, and uncover hidden hints to access these elusive rewards.

The chests not only offer monetary gain but also enrich the gameplay experience through engaging challenges.

Strategies for Maximizing Profits

To optimize your earnings in Hogwarts Legacy, strategize your looting tactics by targeting high-value eye chests in strategic locations. Collaborating with fellow wizards, leveraging potions, and honing your spell-casting skills can enhance your chances of success and increase your financial gains.

Looting eye monster chests in Hogwarts Legacy is not just a quest for wealth but a thrilling adventure that tests your mettle and magical prowess. By unraveling the secrets of these enigmatic chests and seizing the treasures within, you pave the way for prosperity and progression in the enchanted realm of Hogwarts.

For more information on locating these eye monster chests and unlocking their rewards, refer to our comprehensive guide on Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chests.

Pick Your Side Quests Wisely

When venturing into the magical realm of Hogwarts Legacy, selecting side quests wisely is crucial for earning money and gaining valuable rewards. Choosing quests that offer the best financial returns requires strategic planning and understanding of the in-game economy. To maximize your earnings, focus on quests that provide substantial gold rewards or valuable items that can be sold for profit within the game.

Evaluating Quest Rewards

Before embarking on a side quest, carefully assess the potential rewards it offers. Look for quests that provide lucrative opportunities, such as rare artifacts, valuable resources, or significant sums of gold.

Opt for quests that align with your character’s strengths to increase your chances of success and maximize your earnings.

Prioritizing Profitable Ventures

To earn money efficiently in Hogwarts Legacy, prioritize quests that have a direct impact on your financial prosperity. Seek out quests that involve resource gathering, item crafting, or trading to generate income within the game. By focusing on quests that directly contribute to your wealth accumulation, you can build a solid financial foundation for your character.

Leveraging Investment Opportunities

In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, wise investment decisions can lead to substantial financial gains. Identify quests that offer long-term benefits or investment opportunities, such as acquiring valuable assets or unlocking new revenue streams. By strategically investing your time and resources in profitable ventures, you can secure a stable source of income in the game.

Exploring Diversified Income Streams

Diversification is key to earning money in Hogwarts Legacy. Explore a variety of side quests that cater to different aspects of the game, including combat, exploration, puzzle-solving, and social interactions. By engaging in diverse activities, you can access multiple income streams and increase your overall earning potential.

Seeking Expert Financial Advice

In Hogwarts Legacy, consulting knowledgeable NPCs or characters who specialize in financial matters can provide valuable insights into wealth generation strategies. Interact with in-game experts who offer guidance on earning money through strategic quest selection, investment tips, and wealth management techniques. By seeking expert advice, you can optimize your financial decisions and enhance your earning potential.

Analyzing Market Trends

Stay informed about the in-game market trends and economic conditions in Hogwarts Legacy to make informed earning money decisions. Monitor price fluctuations of valuable items, assess the demand for specific resources, and capitalize on emerging opportunities to maximize your profits. By staying attuned to market dynamics, you can adapt your quest choices to earn money effectively.

Building a Financial Strategy

Develop a comprehensive financial strategy that aligns with your gameplay objectives and earning goals in Hogwarts Legacy. Establish short-term and long-term financial targets, outline your earning priorities and allocate your resources strategically to achieve optimal financial outcomes. By crafting a well-defined financial plan, you can navigate the world of Hogwarts Legacy with confidence and clarity.

Managing Wealth Wisely

Effective wealth management is essential for long-term financial success in Hogwarts Legacy. Practice prudent spending, budgeting, and investment practices to safeguard your earned money and expand your wealth over time. Utilize your resources judiciously, avoid unnecessary expenses, and reinvest your earning wisely to grow your financial portfolio and achieve sustainable prosperity in the game.

For more detailed information on making informed financial decisions in Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore resources that highlight the importance of financial literacy and strategic wealth management strategies.


Earning money in Hogwarts Legacy is crucial for progressing in the game and purchasing items. Players can utilize various strategies such as farming and selling creatures, looting common chests, and participating in the beast market to accumulate gold quickly.

Selling off unused gear and items, prioritizing higher rarity levels, can also lead to substantial profits. Confronting bandit camps and completing side quests within them can result in lucrative rewards and opportunities to earn money.

Maximizing gold accumulation involves strategizing the sale of green, blue, and purple gear, understanding their corresponding values, and staying abreast of market dynamics to secure profitable deals. Thorough exploration and efficient looting of common chests and sacks can provide valuable items, coins, and gear upgrades to boost in-game wealth.

Successfully conquering bandit camps through scouting, dueling, leveraging potions, and teaming up with other players can lead to significant financial gains.

To conclude, players in Hogwarts Legacy can amass wealth quickly by mastering the art of gold farming, gear selling, strategic looting, and conquering bandit camps. By implementing these various tactics and consistently staying engaged in the game’s economy, players can enhance their magical abilities, progress in the game’s story, and become prosperous wizards and witches in the wizarding world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does asking for money in Hogwarts Legacy matter?

Asking for rewards when turning in quests in Hogwarts Legacy does matter because it helps you accumulate wealth in the game.

Dialogue Choices and Consequences | Hogwarts Legacy

Asking quest givers for rewards in Hogwarts Legacy is not considered an evil choice.

How do you get a lot of money in Hogwarts Legacy? 8 Best Ways To Make Money In Hogwarts Legacy

One of the best ways to earn money in Hogwarts Legacy is by selling unwanted gear to vendors.

How to make money in Hogwarts Legacy

One easy way to get money in Hogwarts Legacy is to use Floo Flames to fast travel to shops in Hogsmeade.

Does it matter who you sell to in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy: Items You Should Sell Immediately

Selling items to vendors in Hogwarts Legacy can help you earn money, so it’s important to sell valuable items.

Does Rowling get royalties from Hogwarts Legacy? Does JK Rowling actually make money off of individual …

There is no public confirmation, but J.K. Rowling typically receives royalties for official Harry Potter products.

Is J.K. Rowling Profiting From the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Game?

J.K. Rowling will likely profit from Hogwarts Legacy, as she is the creator of the Harry Potter series.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have multiplayer?

Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game, but there are mods available that can add a multiplayer feature.

Will Hogwarts Legacy cost money?

Hogwarts Legacy is available for purchase at varying prices depending on the platform.

How do you earn money in Hogwarts Legacy? How to make money in Hogwarts Legacy

One way to earn money in Hogwarts Legacy is to open eyeball chests, each giving you 500 galleons.

What is money used for in Hogwarts Legacy? What to spend your money on? : r/HarryPotterGame

Money in Hogwarts Legacy can be used to purchase various items and upgrades for your character.

Is Hogwarts Legacy financially successful?

Hogwarts Legacy has seen success in terms of sales, securing the future of similar projects.

How do you get money easily in Hogwarts Legacy? 8 Best Ways To Make Money In Hogwarts Legacy

Capturing and selling smaller creatures is a quick way to earn money in Hogwarts Legacy.

What is an easy way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy? 8 Best Ways To Make Money In Hogwarts Legacy

Selling old gear and completing side quests are easy ways to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

What is the fastest way to make money in Hogwarts Legacy? 8 Best Ways To Make Money In Hogwarts Legacy

Selling unwanted gear to vendors is one of the fastest ways to make money in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you get money on Hogwarts Legacy cheat? Can we use Cheat Engine to add gold, etc. in Hogwarts …

Using cheat tools like Cheat Engine to add money to Hogwarts Legacy may not be possible.

Is money hard to get in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy gold | get rich quick with money-making …

Earning money in Hogwarts Legacy can be challenging, but there are various ways to accumulate wealth.

Who earns money from Hogwarts Legacy? Does JK Rowling profit from Hogwarts Legacy?

J.K. Rowling is likely to earn royalties from Hogwarts Legacy, despite not directly being involved in its development.

Do choices matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

Decisions you make in Hogwarts Legacy may impact the storyline and outcomes in the game.

What is the hardest thing to catch in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy: 6 Hardest Missions

The Keeper Trials in Hogwarts Legacy, particularly San Bakar’s Trial, are considered the hardest.