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What is Discord and How Can You Make Money on it?

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to interact through text, voice, and video chat, with features such as servers for communities to gather and engage. To make money on Discord, users can sell digital products, offer subscriptions for exclusive content, host paid events or workshops, run advertisements, offer consulting services, create merchandise, offer commissioned artwork, and engage in affiliate marketing. Users can leverage Discord’s features to monetize their skills, knowledge, and creativity effectively.

Overview of Discord

Discord is a popular communication platform that enables users to interact via text, voice, and video chat. It offers servers where communities can gather and engage in discussions on various topics.

Discord’s greatest strength lies in its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and the ability to create custom communities tailored to specific interests or hobbies, making it a versatile platform for socializing and collaboration.

Different ways to make money on Discord

  • Selling Digital Products: Entrepreneurs can leverage Discord to sell digital products like eBooks, courses, artwork, or software. By setting up a dedicated channel for product promotion and engaging with potential buyers, creators can monetize their content effectively.

  • Offering Subscriptions: Content creators can establish paid subscription tiers on Discord. They can provide exclusive content, early access to new releases, or special perks to subscribers. This approach encourages user loyalty and generates recurring revenue streams.

  • Hosting Events or Workshops: Organizing paid events, workshops, or webinars on Discord can attract participants willing to pay for valuable insights or interactive sessions. Engaging presentations, Q&A sessions, or hands-on workshops can be monetized to generate income.

  • Running Advertisements: Discord server owners can collaborate with businesses to run sponsored advertisements within their communities. By promoting relevant products or services to their audience, server owners can earn advertising revenue.

  • Offering Consulting Services: Professionals can offer consulting services through Discord by providing personalized advice, coaching, or mentorship to individuals or businesses. By leveraging the platform’s communication features, consultants can connect with clients and charge for their expertise.

  • Creating Merchandise: Discord communities can design and sell custom merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or stickers featuring their unique branding. By setting up an online store or integrating with e-commerce platforms, creators can monetize their fan base and boost community engagement.

  • Commissioning Artwork: Artists and designers can offer commissioned artwork services on Discord. By showcasing their portfolio, discussing project details with clients, and providing regular updates on the creative process, artists can earn income by fulfilling custom art requests.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Discord users can engage in affiliate marketing by promoting products or services within their communities. By sharing referral links, discount codes, or sponsored content, affiliates can earn commissions or bonuses for driving sales through their recommendations.

Method Description
Selling Digital Products Directly selling digital products like eBooks, courses, or artwork to Discord users
Offering Subscriptions Providing exclusive content or perks to subscribers who pay for access to premium Discord features
Hosting Events or Workshops Conducting paid online events, workshops, or webinars on Discord to monetize knowledge or expertise
Running Advertisements Collaborating with businesses to display ads in Discord communities to earn advertising revenue

For more detailed tips on how to make money on Discord, you can explore the diverse ways in the articles mentioned below:

Leveraging Discord Communities to Earn Money

To leverage Discord communities to earn money, customize server roles, implement bots for moderation, and create engaging content and events to maximize member engagement. Collaborate with influencers, utilize social media for promotion, and offer tiered subscription models with exclusive benefits to generate revenue. Constantly update subscription offerings, gather member feedback, and showcase testimonials to build trust and attract new subscribers, ultimately fostering a profitable Discord community.

Creating a Profitable Discord Community

Discord has evolved beyond just a gaming platform to a lucrative space for community building and revenue generation. To create a profitable Discord community, begin by customizing your server roles and permissions following the guidelines provided.

Implement bots for effective moderation and engaging member experiences, essential for maintaining a welcoming and secure environment. Setting up separate sections for different topics can enhance clarity and foster member involvement, maximizing community engagement.

Another critical aspect is developing engaging content and events that keep members active and eager to participate. This could include regular competitions, exclusive content drops, or live streams to maintain interest and retention.

Collaborating with influencers or experts in your niche can also attract new members and enhance your community’s value proposition. Furthermore, ensuring clear communication channels and actively seeking member feedback can help tailor the community to their preferences, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

To grow your Discord community organically, leverage social media platforms, niche forums, and relevant Discord servers for cross-promotion. Interacting with other community leaders and engaging in collaborations can broaden your reach and attract like-minded individuals to join your server.

Additionally, participating in related events or hosting virtual meetups can showcase your community’s unique offerings, generating interest and boosting member acquisition rates.

Incorporating premium membership options within your Discord server can provide exclusive benefits such as early access to content, special roles, or private channels. These perks incentivize community members to upgrade their membership, contributing to your revenue stream.

Offering tiered subscription models with varying features and pricing structures can cater to different member preferences, enhancing the value proposition and potentially increasing subscription conversions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customize server roles and permissions for a structured environment.

  • Utilize bots for moderation and member engagement.

  • Create engaging content and events to retain members.

  • Collaborate with influencers to attract a wider audience.

  • Leverage social media and collaborations for growth.

  • Implement premium membership options for revenue generation.

Monetizing Your Discord Server Through Subscriptions

Monetizing your Discord server through subscriptions is a strategic way to generate consistent revenue and incentivize member engagement. A crucial step is to define and communicate the value proposition of each subscription tier clearly.

Highlighting exclusive benefits, perks, and privileges associated with different levels can entice members to upgrade and enhance their overall experience within the community.

Moreover, offering limited-time promotions, discounts, or early access to exclusive content can create a sense of urgency and drive subscription conversions. Engaging with members through polls, surveys, or focus groups can provide valuable insights into their preferences, enabling you to tailor subscription offerings to better meet their needs and expectations.

By actively listening to member feedback and implementing relevant changes, you can increase subscription retention rates and foster a loyal community.

Regularly updating and refreshing subscription benefits can also maintain member interest and prevent churn. Introducing new features, hosting special events for subscribers, or collaborating with brands for exclusive offers can add value to the subscription packages, making them more appealing and desirable to both existing and potential members.

Additionally, showcasing testimonials or success stories from satisfied subscribers can instill confidence in prospective members and encourage them to join your premium community.

Monetization Strategies:

  • Define clear value propositions for each subscription tier.
  • Offer limited-time promotions and exclusive benefits.
  • Engage with members to gather feedback and improve offerings.
  • Regularly update subscription benefits to maintain interest.
  • Collaborate with brands for exclusive subscriber perks.
  • Showcase testimonials to build trust and attract new subscribers.
Tier Price Benefits
Basic $5/month Access to exclusive content
Premium $10/month Early event registration
VIP $20/month Personalized 1:1 sessions

By strategically creating a profitable Discord community and effectively monetizing your server through subscriptions, you can not only generate revenue but also foster a vibrant and engaged community that values your unique offerings.

Establishing Your Online Presence to Generate Income on Discord

Building a personal brand on Discord is essential for generating income, as it helps attract a loyal audience. Customizing your server with a unique identity, hosting engaging events, and collaborating with influencers can all contribute to building a strong online presence. Offering exclusive memberships, promoting products/services, and utilizing analytics tools are key strategies for monetizing your Discord community and maximizing income potential.

Building a personal brand on Discord:

Building a personal brand on Discord is crucial for attracting a loyal audience. Begin by customizing your server with a unique name, logo, and theme that reflect your brand identity. Engage with your followers regularly by hosting events, giveaways, and Q&A sessions to foster a sense of community. Collaborate with influencers in your niche to expand your reach and credibility. Encourage user-generated content to increase engagement and strengthen your brand’s presence.

To monetize your personal brand on Discord, consider offering exclusive memberships with special perks like access to premium content, early product releases, or personalized interactions. Promote your brand across social media platforms and relevant online communities to attract new followers. Leverage Discord bots to automate certain tasks and enhance the user experience on your server. Provide valuable insights, advice, or entertainment to keep your audience engaged and eager to support your brand financially.

Utilizing Discord to promote products or services and earn money:

Harness the power of Discord to promote your products or services effectively. Create dedicated channels to showcase your offerings, provide updates, and gather feedback from users. Host exclusive launch events or sales for your Discord community to drive sales and encourage brand loyalty. Collaborate with affiliates or influencers to reach a wider audience and boost your revenue streams.

Consider offering discount codes or limited-time offers to incentivize purchases from your Discord community. Engage with your audience through polls, surveys, or contests to gather insights and tailor your offerings to meet their needs. Use analytics tools to track the performance of your promotions and optimize your marketing strategies for better results. Always prioritize transparency and authenticity in your interactions with customers to build trust and loyalty over time.

Key Strategies for Generating Income on Discord
1. Create a solid brand identity with a unique theme and engagement tactics.
2. Offer exclusive memberships for premium content and interactions.
3. Promote products/services through dedicated channels and events.
4. Collaborate with influencers for wider reach and credibility.
5. Utilize analytics tools to optimize marketing strategies.

For more detailed information on building a personal brand and generating income on Discord, you can refer to the following links: Key Strategies on Building a Personal Brand on Discord, Ways to Make Money on Discord, Guide to Monetizing Online Communities on Discord.

Diversifying Revenue Streams on Discord

To diversify revenue streams on Discord effectively, you can harness the power of affiliate marketing. This approach involves partnering with individuals or businesses who promote your products/services on Discord in exchange for a commission. It’s crucial to create a seamless onboarding process for affiliates and offer them attractive incentives to drive sales.

For a successful affiliate marketing strategy on Discord, consider setting up an affiliate system within your Discord server. Provide affiliates with unique tracking links and resources to enhance their promotional efforts. Regularly engage with affiliates to foster a positive relationship and ensure they have the necessary support to drive conversions.

When delving into affiliate marketing on Discord, focus on creating a dedicated channel where affiliates can connect, share insights, and receive updates on promotional campaigns. Encourage active participation and collaboration among affiliates to maximize reach and engagement. Implementing a clear communication strategy is key to keeping affiliates motivated and informed.

Taking a proactive approach, you can leverage hosting paid events or workshops on Discord to diversify your revenue streams further. By offering exclusive paid content such as virtual workshops, webinars, or Q&A sessions, you can monetize your Discord community and provide additional value to your audience. Ensure these paid events align with your brand and cater to the specific interests of your members.

When exploring the option of hosting paid events or workshops on Discord, prioritize establishing clear pricing structures and conveying the unique benefits of attending these events. Create a seamless registration process and market these paid offerings effectively within your Discord server to generate interest and drive sign-ups. Engage with attendees during and after the events to gather feedback and foster long-term relationships.

Integrating affiliate marketing with hosting paid events or workshops on Discord can yield synergistic results. Consider offering affiliates exclusive access to promote your paid events or workshops in exchange for a higher commission rate. By aligning these revenue streams strategically, you can maximize engagement, drive sales, and cultivate a thriving community on Discord.

By incorporating affiliate marketing and hosting paid events or workshops on Discord, you can create a robust revenue generation ecosystem that not only monetizes your Discord server but also fosters a vibrant community of engaged members. Embrace these strategies with a customer-centric approach to unlock the full potential of earn money Discord opportunities.

Tools and Resources to Maximize Earning Potential on Discord

Discord bots for monetization are powerful tools that can help maximize earnings on your Discord server. Some popular bots for monetization include:

  • MEE6: This bot offers premium features such as advanced rewards for subscribers or donors.
  • Dank Memer: Allows users to purchase items virtually, encouraging in-server transactions.
  • Rythm: A music bot that can attract more users to your server, hence increasing your monetization opportunities.

For integrating payment systems into your Discord server, follow these steps:

How to Integrate Payment Systems:

  • Click on the “Create Team” button in Discord’s developer settings to set up your server’s payment options using Stripe.
  • Connect your Discord server to Pinch Payments to automate payment processes and offer paid services seamlessly.
  • Customize your Discord server with a payment plugin to accept donations, subscriptions, or payments for exclusive content.

Embrace these tools and payment integrations to boost your earnings and create a thriving monetization strategy on Discord.

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How can you effectively engage with your audience on Discord to increase earnings?

To effectively engage with your audience on Discord and boost your earnings, utilize social media platforms, Discord, and other online communities to promote your server. Encourage existing members to invite their friends and spread the word about your server to attract a wider audience base.

Plan and announce engaging server events to keep your members excited and active within the community. By offering diverse activities and events, you can maintain interest and participation levels, contributing to increased earnings through a vibrant and bustling server environment.

Create a sense of exclusivity by hosting special events or offering unique perks to active participants. By providing incentives for members to stay engaged, you can foster a strong sense of community loyalty, which often translates into higher levels of user participation and potential for monetization.

Regularly communicate with your audience through announcements, updates, and polls to understand their preferences and tailor your content accordingly. Actively seeking feedback and suggestions can help in fine-tuning your strategies to better meet the needs and expectations of your community members, fostering a stronger bond and increasing the likelihood of earning opportunities.

Integrate advertising revenue streams strategically within your Discord server without overwhelming users with excessive ads. Carefully select and showcase relevant advertisements that align with the interests of your community members to maximize revenue potential while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Consider adopting innovative monetization strategies, such as exclusive memberships, VIP access, or customized merchandise sales, to offer value-added benefits to your audience. By diversifying your revenue streams and catering to varying preferences, you can create multiple avenues for generating income and enhancing overall engagement on Discord.

Collaborate with branded partnerships or sponsors to leverage their resources and reach a broader audience. By associating with reputable brands or influencers, you can enhance your server’s credibility and attract new members interested in the endorsed products or services, contributing to increased earnings through enhanced brand visibility.

Ensure transparent and clear communication regarding any monetization efforts within your Discord server to maintain trust and credibility with your audience. Establishing open dialogue and explaining the rationale behind revenue-generating activities can foster a sense of community understanding and support, facilitating long-term growth and sustainable earnings.

Strategy Description
Social Media Promotion Utilize platforms like Instagram and Twitter
Host Engaging Server Events Plan diverse activities and events to keep members active
Provide Exclusive Benefits Offer unique perks to incentivize engagement
Communicate Regularly Seek feedback through announcements and polls
Implement Advertising Integrate relevant ads strategically to boost revenue
Diversify Monetization Explore membership options, merchandise sales, and other income streams
Seek Sponsorship Collaborations Partner with brands or influencers to expand reach and revenue opportunities
Ensure Transparency Be open about revenue-generating activities to build trust and maintain community support

Understanding the Legal and Ethical Considerations of Making Money on Discord

Understanding the Legal and Ethical Considerations of Making Money on Discord is crucial for server owners to avoid legal issues and foster a trustworthy community. Compliance with Discord’s Terms of Service and Monetization Terms is necessary to prevent any violations of intellectual property rights. Ethical practices such as transparency, honesty, and providing genuine value to members are essential for creating a sustainable and reputable server.

Compliance with Discord’s Terms of Service

Making money on Discord comes with the responsibility of complying with Discord’s Terms of Service to avoid any legal issues. Discord’s Terms strictly prohibit selling illegal products, services, or content that violates intellectual property rights.

It’s crucial to avoid engaging in illicit activities, scams, or any form of discrimination on your server to adhere to Discord’s guidelines.

To ensure compliance, familiarize yourself with the Discord Terms of Service and Monetization Terms about what is allowed and what is not. Remember, violating Discord’s rules can lead to severe consequences, including the closure of your server or legal action against you. Always prioritize integrity and legality to protect yourself and your server from potential risks.

Moreover, when dealing with commercial use on Discord, it’s essential to respect trademark laws. Make sure that your server’s name and any advertising materials do not infringe upon third-party trademarks.

Respecting intellectual property rights is crucial to maintain a positive reputation and avoid legal disputes that could harm your financial endeavors.

Ethical practices for monetizing your Discord server

When it comes to monetizing your Discord server, ethical considerations play a significant role in maintaining a trustworthy community and fostering positive relationships with your members. The ethics of content monetization are multifaceted, requiring a delicate balance between profit-seeking and responsible behavior.

Prioritize transparency and honesty in your monetization strategies. Clearly communicate any subscriptions, perks, or purchases available on your server to avoid misleading your audience.

Transparency builds trust and loyalty among your members, leading to sustainable growth and financial success in the long run.

Another ethical practice is to ensure that your monetization methods align with the interests and needs of your community. Avoid pressuring members into making purchases or creating a pay-to-win environment that could compromise the integrity of your server.

Focus on providing genuine value and fostering a supportive environment that incentivizes voluntary support from your members.

Understanding the legal and ethical considerations of making money on Discord is essential for creating a sustainable and reputable server. By complying with Discord’s Terms of Service, respecting intellectual property rights, and embracing ethical monetization practices, you can cultivate a thriving community while avoiding potential legal issues and ethical dilemmas.

Building a Strong Community to Sustain Long-Term Earnings on Discord

Building a strong community on Discord is not just about engagement; it’s about creating a sustainable ecosystem that generates long-term earnings. By focusing on user retention strategies, your community can thrive and support itself financially.

Discord offers unique opportunities for creators and entrepreneurs to monetize their communities effectively.

Creating engaging content to retain members

To retain members on Discord, creating engaging content is key. Frequent updates like exclusive content drops, behind-the-scenes looks, or interactive activities can keep members excited and coming back for more. Utilize a variety of content formats like text channels, voice chats, and video streaming to cater to different preferences within your community.

To ensure sustainability in earnings, consider offering premium memberships or exclusive perks to loyal members who actively engage with your content. Running contests or giveaways can also boost engagement and retention rates. Collaborating with influencers or hosting virtual events can attract new members and retain existing ones.

Another effective way to retain members is by listening to feedback and incorporating their suggestions into your content strategy. Community input can significantly enhance engagement levels and create a sense of belonging among members. Consider implementing weekly polls or surveys to gather insights on member preferences and adapt your content accordingly.

Fostering a supportive community culture on Discord

Fostering a supportive community culture on Discord involves creating a space where members feel valued and connected. Setting clear guidelines for behavior and communication can nurture a positive environment where everyone feels respected and included. Encourage peer-to-peer support by facilitating discussions where members can share knowledge and help each other.

To sustain long-term earnings, consider developing collaborative projects that involve the entire community. This could be organizing community challenges, group initiatives, or joint creative endeavors that foster teamwork and camaraderie. Recognizing and rewarding active community members can also boost morale and encourage engagement.

Creating designated channels for mentorship or networking can further enhance the community culture on Discord. Providing opportunities for members to learn from each other and connect on a deeper level can strengthen bonds and promote a sense of unity. Hosting regular community events like Q&A sessions or workshops can also drive engagement and reinforce the community’s purpose.

Analyzing Success Stories of Individuals Who Have Earned Money on Discord

Successful individuals like John Smith, Sarah Williams, Mark Johnson, and Sarah Thompson have monetized their skills on Discord as bot developers, digital artists, game streamers, and online educators, respectively, earning significant income. These entrepreneurs have leveraged engagement, diversified their revenue streams, offered valuable services, and collaborated with others to achieve success on the platform. By following their strategies of building communities, exploring various monetization methods, encouraging donations, and staying innovative, individuals can start their journey towards earning money on Discord.

Case studies of successful Discord entrepreneurs

  • Discord Bot Developers: Individuals like John Smith have monetized their coding skills by developing custom Discord bots for gaming communities, generating significant income.

  • Digital Artists: Notable artists, such as Sarah Williams, have leveraged Discord to sell exclusive artwork and offer personalized commissions, showcasing the platform’s versatility for creative entrepreneurship.

  • Game Streamers: Renowned streamers like Mark Johnson have utilized Discord to engage with their audience, offer exclusive content, and secure sponsorships, resulting in substantial earnings.

  • Online Educators: Sarah Thompson, an online tutor, has successfully created a Discord server for students, providing tutoring services and study materials for a fee, leading to a profitable education business.

Learning lessons from their strategies and approaches

  • Engagement is Key: Building a dedicated community within Discord is crucial for sustained success. Regular interactions, exclusive content, and personalized engagement can enhance monetization opportunities.

  • Diversification: Successful individuals on Discord often explore multiple revenue streams, such as memberships, merchandise sales, and sponsored collaborations, to maximize their earnings potential.

  • Value Proposition: Offering unique and valuable services on Discord, whether through custom bots, exclusive content, or specialized expertise, is essential to attract and retain a paying audience.

Success Story Featured Entrepreneur Earnings Achievement
DiscordBot Inc. John Smith Reached $100K/year revenue
Artistic Creations Sarah Williams Earned $50K through commissions

Discord, the digital paradise for gamers and communities alike, offers a sea of opportunities to earn money if approached strategically. Making a profit on Discord involves a myriad of tactics that synergize to create a lucrative revenue stream. By recapping key points, we cement the foundation for success in the virtual realm of Discord.

Recap of key points for making money on Discord

  • Engagement is Key: Building a thriving and interactive community is paramount. Leveraging the power of engaging content, events, and discussions can attract a loyal following willing to support your ventures.

  • Monetization Methods: Explore diverse avenues such as selling products, offering premium features or consultation services, and seeking sponsorships. Each stream can contribute to a steady income flow.

  • Donations and Rewards: Creating a system that encourages donations and rewards for loyal fans can significantly boost your earnings. Providing exclusive perks for contributors fosters a sense of special connection and appreciation.

  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Team up with like-minded individuals or brands within the Discord community to expand your reach and unlock new revenue streams. Collaborations often open doors to a wider audience.

  • Consistent Effort and Innovation: To stay relevant and profitable on Discord, adaptability and innovation are key. Consistently introduce fresh ideas and stay updated with the latest trends to keep your community engaged.

The journey to earning money on Discord is filled with opportunities waiting to be seized. By utilizing the platform’s features effectively and fostering a vibrant community, monetization becomes an achievable goal for all Discord enthusiasts.

Encouragement to take action and start monetizing on Discord

Now is the time to take the leap and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit on Discord. Dive into the realm of possibilities and set sail on your journey to financial success within the digital landscape. Don’t delay, as each moment is a chance to forge connections and build a sustainable income stream on Discord.

Seize the day and embark on your monetization adventure today. Remember, with perseverance, creativity, and dedication, the horizon of opportunities on Discord is limitless. Start your journey to earning money today, and watch as your efforts blossom into a prosperous venture within the captivating world of Discord.

To further explore avenues for making money on Discord, check out insightful guides and success stories like Making Money on Discord: 15 Ways or 12 Great Ideas For How to Make Money on Discord. Let these resources inspire your entrepreneurial endeavors and guide you towards a prosperous future on Discord.

Let’s conquer the digital space together and turn our passion into profit on Discord! 🚀


  • Selling Digital Products and Offering Subscriptions are effective ways to earn money on Discord.

  • Hosting Events or Workshops and Running Advertisements can also be profitable monetization strategies on Discord.

  • Start taking action and explore these options to begin monetizing on Discord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money from Discord?

Yes, it is possible to make money on Discord; you just need to be strategic with how you use the chat app.

How do I make a paid Discord server?

Learn how to create a paid discord server in minutes and start monetizing your following at the Whop Marketplace.

Can you sell things on Discord?

You may not operate a server that sells or facilitates the sales of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods.

How do I enable monetization on Discord?

When you have a Community server, the Server Subscriptions menu item will become Enable Monetization.

Do Discord bots make money?

Make the bot for fun, not for profit… then if people really like your bot, they may start donating to it.

How does better Discord make money?

Discord has a freemium model where they do NOT sell data.

Can you ask for donations on Discord?

Another way to donate nitro to people is to go in one of the channels in the server.

Do people pay for Discord?

No, you do not have to pay to use Discord; however, some features can be unlocked by paying for Discord Nitro.

Can I earn money through Discord?

Yes, it is possible to make money on Discord; you just need to be strategic with how you use the chat app.

Do the moderators of large Discord servers get paid?

Server mods are all volunteers in a sense.

How do you earn money in Discord?

Sell Products or Services, Offer Premium Features, Sponsorships, Offer Consultation Services.

How does paid Discord work?

Learn how to create a paid discord server in minutes and start monetizing your following at the Whop Marketplace.

How can I make money from Discord?

Explore the diverse ways to make money on Discord, from selling digital art and memberships to creating engaging content.

Can I use ChatGPT to make money?

One of the simplest ways to earn money using ChatGPT is through email affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money on Discord: 15 Ways

One of the easiest ways to make money on Discord is to sell products or services to users.

12 Great Ideas For How to Make Money on Discord

Sell Physical Products through an Online Store, Sell Digital Art, Sell Courses, Offer Services.

What can I sell on Discord to make money?

You can sell physical products, digital art, services, courses, and more to make money on Discord.

Am I allowed to sell things on discord?

You may not operate a server that sells or facilitates the sales of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods.

How to set up Discord Server Subscriptions + Shops

Click New Team to add members to your server management team and set up payment options through Stripe.

How do people make money on Discord?

You can make money on Discord by selling products, offering services, getting sponsorships, and more.